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The average person takes between 3,000 and 4,000 steps every day, adding up to over one million steps every year. Millions of steps taken by millions of people, many of which are experiencing pain.

Foot collapse, foot eversion, and fallen arches are caused by repetitive stress and can create problems throughout the entire body. This is often represented in ones poor posture and can be felt in key points on the body (ankles, knees, hips, lower back, upper torso, neck, and shoulders). This not only leads to pain, but can have an effect on your energy and productivity.

Introducing the SoleSteps®

Many people feel a sense of instant relief from repetitive stress when they stand on SoleSteps® for the first time. Your body begins to sense and adjust to a stronger, better posture, which starts from the feet all the way up your body to your neck. Your feet are your connection to the ground and improving their function with the help of SoleSteps® can help in improving your energy, mood, and productivity.

Foot eversion*

Collapsing ankles*

Courses and Programming.

Don't get us wrong, merely standing on these will have instant benefits to you and your posture. However, when you purchase your set of SoleSteps® you will also receive access to a whole library of our video courses.

Our video courses are designed to show you exactly how you can use the SoleSteps® in your daily routine.

"Recommend it to people with structural issues, back pain, or is instable in their movements."

- Chris D, Strength and Conditioning Coach

"Positions your feet to avoid arches from collapse and provide increased activation in glute muscles."

- Arsen V, Physical Therapist

"While simplistic in nature, they provide a great amount of value. The design allows for neurological input to the central nervous system from the sole of your feet. This allows you to build a solid foundation for functional strength through adaptation."

- Eric Bender, Physical Therapist



one soul at a time.

one soul at a time.


Fallen arches*

Damage throughout body*

How SoleSteps® work.

SoleSteps® are engineered to relieve the daily stress your body encounters from walking, standing, and exercising using four key points. These four key points create a unique slope and combination of angles that provide full foot support allowing you to build strength in your feet to counter foot collapse. The unique slope of the SoleSteps® encourages your body to bear its weight towards the outer front section of the foot without losing balance and security of the full foot. 

This position encourages better weight distribution while walking, standing, and exercising. This ultimately allows you to move more efficiently leading to better posture, improved energy, mood, and productivity.

Fits in your daily routine.

SoleSteps® are versatile and fit easily into your everyday life. You can use them at home, in the office, during exercise, and anywhere else that you spend time on your feet. Your SoleSteps® will even come complete with exercises and instructions so that you can start to feel better on day one. They don’t require a complicated set up, an app download, or multiple components. Simply stand on them and begin feeling the relief. 

1. Can I wear Shoes on SoleSteps®?

You can experience the SoleSteps® however you see fit. Shoes, Barefoot, and or Socks are all fine on the steps. We “DO” recommend getting as close to your natural foot shape and function as possible while enjoying your time on the steps to maximize the benefits. This means flat shoes and bare feet are ideal. We would also note that we “DO NOT” recommend the use of high heels, wedges both soft and hard, and the use of apparatuses or footwear that might restrict, modify, and or support the foot in any way while using the SoleSteps®. We say this as it can negate the effect of the unique pitch of the SoleSteps® as it is designed around the ideal mechanics of the natural foot.

2. What Size Feet can SoleSteps® accommodate?

SoleSteps® were designed with a one size fits all approach. Individuals all the way up to a size 14 and back down to children's sizes have been able to benefit from standing on SoleSteps®. It should be noted that larger feet in the 13-14 sizes may have to dangle their toes off the front edge slightly. This isn't ideal but the user in this foot range can absolutely still use and benefit from the SoleSteps®

3. How long do I need to use the SoleSteps®®️ for?

While many people get an immediate sense of relief and change in behavior from just standing on SoleSteps®®️ for a few minutes for the first time. We recommend accumulating between 5-10 minutes 1-3x daily just standing on the SoleSteps®®️. Gradually increase your exposure time based on your experience and practicality of the situation you plan to use them in. We also find taking a brief walk immediately following a session on the SoleSteps®®️ can help you feel the immediate effect from standing on the unique pitch. We also provide education and free training to help you streamline the benefits and expose you to a variety of ways to use the SoleSteps®®️ in a few environments including the Home, Office, Gym, and rehabilitation. 

4. How durable are SoleSteps®️®? Will I need to replace them?

SoleSteps®️® are made from Hardwood and with some general care should last you a lifetime. That care includes but is not limited to avoiding moisture, drastic changes in temperatures, dropping heavy and or sharp objects on them, and dragging objects directly across them. 



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The perfect pitch.

SoleSteps® patent pending design uses four key points at different heights to create the perfect pitch to relieve stress and correct posture.

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